Antidepressant donkey shirt

Antidepressant donkey shirt

The same donkey, the Antidepressant donkey shirt same path, the same incline, same weight, and rolling resistance? A donkey will not reach the speed at which wind resistance will make a difference. So the donkey needs the same effort (strength) and work (energy). On the other hand, if you’re comparing ICE engines to electric motors, it’s the efficiency ratio of the powertrain that makes a difference. A liter of fuel (gas or Diesel) contains about 10kWh of energy. A gas engine converts about 1/4 of it into motion, Diesel about 1/3.

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The highest theoretical efficiency of gas is 33% and Diesel 44%. This assumes a constant RPM and loads like a large ship engine at 120RPM. This is not the case in an Antidepressant donkey shirt car, over a wide range of variable speeds, power output, idle time at stoplights and pedestrian crossings. On the other hand, an electric motor is more than 90% efficient and even calculates losses during charging and power conversion remains above 80%. EVs will actually recover a large portion of their kinetic energy when slowing down or downhill and recharging the battery. Same for hybrid cars.

Antidepressant donkey ladies tee
ladies tee
Antidepressant donkey tank top
tank top

In addition, there are many good reasons. All politicians have luggage – Pete is no different. But Pete will be a big improvement over the coprolite currently living in the Antidepressant donkey shirt White House. Little burning is actually quite easy to do. We have the technology to generate and store huge amounts of energy – so much so that electricity production can be decarbonized in a decade or two if we really want to. A conversion to consume less meat will also do a lot.

Antidepressant donkey sweater, hoodies

Antidepressant donkey hoodie
Antidepressant donkey sweater

Using biofuels for aircraft (we have more land to grow them now because we don’t grow large amounts of corn for cows and pigs!) It would also help. Removing carbon dioxide is Antidepressant donkey shirt harder, but not impossible. We can fertilize oceans of iron – doing so will cause a lot of photosynthetic phytoplankton like crazy, absorb CO2 from the air, die and sink to the ocean floor. We can also electrolyze seawater and use basic saltwater to absorb CO2 and convert it into solid carbonate minerals. This technology is in the early stages, but we can do it.

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