Avenger endgame shirt

Avenger endgame shirt

The Avengers are believed to travel time in the Avengers: Endgame. But they will not take away the Avenger endgame shirt infinite stones from Thanos but will take the time to create infinite stones for themselves. To date, there has been no official confirmation on Marvel’s team about time travel in the Avengers: Endgame. However, there are many theories and proofs to prove this point, especially behind the scenes photos that Tony Stark and Steve Rogers and Scott Lang appeared in the battle in New York. It was the picture that sparked a series of later theories about time travel.

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After Ant-Man and The Wasp premiered. The Avenger endgame shirt theory became more and more intense. By Janet Van Dyne mentioned the time lapse in the Quantum. Afterwards, Ant-Man himself was trapped in this microscopic world. So, he himself appeared in a video footage stored in the Avengers 4 trailer. The purpose of the Avengers is also mentioned quite clearly, they return to the past, steal the infinite stones to Thanos’ snapshot not taking place. However, this can break the rule of time and can cause unpredictable damage.

In the Marvel Cinema Universe, The Avenger endgame shirt simplest way to travel is to use the time stone. Which was used by Doctor Strange to earn a premium with Dormammu and most recently Thanos also used Time Stone to restore the Vision. , thereby taking Mind Stone. Of course, the superheroes will not go directly to Thanos to retrieve the infinite stones because they do not know where he is and the Mad Titan is still strong even when the glove has been partially destroyed.

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Time travel is one of the hardest categories to put on film. Because it has continuity and if the Avenger endgame shirt event is changed. It is likely that the present or the future will be greatly affected. So taking away the infinity stones before Thanos intended to usurp them could completely change the course of history because they appeared throughout the 10-year journey of the Marvel Cinema Universe.

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