Could be worse Could be scouse shirt

Could be worse Could be scouse shirt store is selling this Could be worse Could be scouse shirt. Here are the types of friends you should not get along with because they only make your life more tired and worse. Sarcasm: Some people just like to ridicule others with unwilling comments. For people like that, it’s best to answer them in the way they mock you. When they feel you are not easily changed by their words, they will automatically leave. People who act as “victims”: Normally they will not care about you but only appear when they need you for every reason. You should reject those people bluntly without feeling guilty because in fact they only use you.

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People who are distant: You cannot judge the situation properly when you are near these people because they will always scare you. So stay away from such people especially when you’re planning to do something. Hypocrites: They are always smiling and kind in front of you but actually when you turn away, they will speak ill of you. Such people just want to be noticed and try to please everyone around them. Therefore, they are completely unreliable and can betray you at any time if they benefit. Selfish people: These people just want to take advantage of your affection and interest.

Could be worse Could be scouse Guys tee
Guys tee
Could be worse Could be scouse Ladies v-neck
Ladies v-neck
Could be worse Could be scouse tank top
tank top
They will be close to you, promising everything but when you need them they won’t do anything. Therefore, it is better to stay away because they only love themselves. People who only think about the past: When a relationship has ended, don’t try to hold on. Please accept to leave those people to meet new people. Do not forever live in the shadow of your past.


Customers will consulted about the characteristics of products such as fabric material, shirt type, print style, shirt size. Product colours displayed on the website (including shirt colours, design colours). Can deviated by about 10% from the actual colours due to the display of the device. Customers ordering will be consulted to choose the size according to standard size table, all risks due to the difference in size and customer shape will not be solved.

Could be worse Could be scouse shirt, sweater, hoodie, and long sleeve


-The first time washing clothes must be 5 days after the completion of the product and no soap used

-Get all the clothes inside the coat & the surface of the shirt (badge, name board, etc.) from the shirt and flip the inside of the shirt off before washing

-Water temperature below 30 ° C

-Do not soak long in solution

– Medium washing mode

-Not use chemical detergent products

-Drying at room temperature, low heat.

Could be worse Could be scouse Ladies tee
Ladies tee
Could be worse Could be scouse Hoodie
Could be worse Could be scouse Sweater


-Less at average temperature

-Don’t pull the shirt when ironing

-Do not iron on the print surface, including the inside and outside of the shirt

-Do not spray directly aromatic chemicals, perfume on the print surface.

-Note: The shirt colour may be dimmed after several washes and ironing.

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