Forget princess I want to be a scientist shirt

Brother, why is the blue sea-salty, or is it because tears fill the whole sea? No matter how smart or talented people are, they all submit to the domination of nature. The wind involuntarily blew through the old, weak yellow leaf. Take the leaves away from the familiar area of ​​the past. You are a wildflower that only blooms when you stand next to me. I love mountains, love children, love plants and turn wild before your affectionate gaze. The wind accidentally blows the clouds away from the mountain so that the wind has a chance to be close to the clouds. The blander the water, the more in the slot, a simple person is so fresh. Those who like to roam freely will understand what nature is. The small waterfalls fall without noise, the freshwater flows as smoothly as my love for the green country. The goodness of dahlias hits the memory every time sitting by the window overlooking the garden. Bitter cup of coffee enjoyed slowly, contemplating a painful past. Nature is a miracle that nature gives life, lush trees and dancing birds on the branches make us love life more than allowed. There is the greatest and greatest love in the world – that does not fade with the years – and that is the love of a mother for her child.
Having a mother is the most beautiful thing I can have. There is a woman who will always love me for the rest of my life, that is my mother! I thank you, mom, for letting me go away from you so that I can be much more mature in this life. My happiness is seeing my mother’s happy smile every day. There is no greater love than a mother’s love for her child. Although it is difficult for me to say these words, I want to say that I love you very much, my dear mother. Mother is someone who can replace everyone else, but no one can take her place. Mom is the most beautiful – time please don’t hurt me! The mother I love the most! I love Mom! Love your mother very much.Mommy! I love you so much because your whole life you have given and sacrificed without receiving in return every week on vacation, I just want to catch the early train back to my mother. The gift of birth and upbringing of my parents in this lifetime, I cannot repay. During this life, the person who owes the most is the mother’s labor of giving birth and raising her child. Tao frequency early on the day the mother raised her child to grow up day by day – Son, try to be strong and independent like a real man, because later when you grow up, you will become a solid pillar of your mother, sister, and even your family. wife and children.

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