Freedom for Hong Kong shirt

Freedom for Hong Kong shirt

It’s like watching a Freedom for Hong Kong shirt traditional friend famous for pragmatism and good sense suddenly turn off his rockers. Except we watched TWO friends do exactly the same thing. Hong Kong and England (mostly UK). I watched with a sick sense of fascination, my attention is drawn to the double shipwrecks that were going on in slow motion, drawing two people closer every day to some MM Shyamalan. -esque of death.

Freedom for Hong Kong tank top, ladies tee

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I just saw the two people hurt themselves economically and I awkwardly looked around to see if there was a third or a quarter. More than anything I hope it is not contagious. Honestly, I’m not against Hong Kong fighting for freedom (or really independence) as a concept. The problem is you are quite alone in this. You have nothing to offer China to make them free and you have nothing to bring to the table to Freedom for Hong Kong shirt get a third party to bleed for your reasons.

Freedom for Hong Kong ladies tee
ladies tee
Freedom for Hong Kong tank top
tank top

The West does not make altruism and if it does, it certainly will not be for a Chinese group. No amount of waving flags will change that. The only people you may have built some relationships with and may have done some good things for your career, you’ve turned away. Please forgive my pessimism, I don’t see your future sunny and unicorn upland. The protests only hurt Hong Kong. China can wait. Hong Kong does not pay taxes to Freedom for Hong Kong shirt China under Article 106 of the Basic Law.

Freedom for Hong Kong sweater, hoodies

Freedom for Hong Kong hoodie
Freedom for Hong Kong sweater

Hong Kong’s economy is entirely the Freedom for Hong Kong shirt people of Hong Kong sunken. Beijing does not hold back because of world public opinion or fear of retaliation that the West will apply. They took action because they were like a lion with an antelope by the throat. The air supply is tight and the antelope will die slowly by 2047 or die in the next few years because it uses up valuable oxygen. If you want to ruin Hong Kong’s economy, China will most likely allow you because it serves its purpose.

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