Give cancer the boot shirt

Give cancer the boot shirt

My opinion is Give cancer the boot shirt different from the author of that opinion: I don’t think we will have a mathematical equation for cancer. This is what the article said. A major effort in this area is to discover “best” equations for describing cancer and then examine these equations to optimize treatment for each patient. Investigators working in this area are determined to convert cancer from population-based therapy to patient-based therapy.

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The problem is the Give cancer the boot shirt basic premise behind this claim and Big Big’s approach to data is that the cancer cells in the patients are the same. IOW, each patient has slightly different cancer cells but all of the cancer cells in the patient are the same. Therefore, when you find the specific cancer cells that a patient has, using Big Data or mathematical equations, then you can find a treatment for the patient. The premise is wrong. Cancer cells in a different patient. IOW, cancer cells are population-based.

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I attended a seminar where the speaker performed DNAseq of Give cancer the boot shirt cancer cells in each patient’s melanoma. So he has data on differences in cancer DNA in different patients and differences in DNA of different cancer cells in single patients. In a malignant tumor in a patient, he found 15,000 mutations among the cancer cells! Considering that the number of cancer cells is numbered in billions, you can imagine the different combinations that 15,000 mutations can produce: in hundreds of millions.

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So in one patient, there are hundreds of millions of cancer cells (at least) different from each other. Give a Give cancer the boot shirt treatment, and you can luck and kill 99.99% of cancer cells. Sounds pretty good, right? But if you have a billion cells (and that’s the minimum for cancer), there are still 100,000 cells alive. Now evolution has entered. You, in treatment, only need to provide a huge selection pressure, so that only 0.01% of individuals survive. Their survival is due to their genetics – they have a genetic variation against the treatment. But now these individuals divide, and the daughter cells inherit the resistance. Even if you continue treatment, it is no longer effective. Cancer comes back.

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