Hookin’ ain’t easy fishing shirt

Hookin' ain't easy fishing shirt

That is everything. You do not see Hookin’ ain’t easy fishing shirt other people with water balloons fighting in blizzard and fish are no different; they behave differently at different temperatures and tend to move around when the temperature of the water begins to move around. Bass will not start mulling around and prepare to reproduce at 50F water temperature. Stage.

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Bluegill in a static pond will not be Hookin’ ain’t easy fishing shirt six inches lower than the outdoor surface when the surface temperature is 80F. Both will not be fed much in the cold water scenario. Many in my inner fishing circle follow an old idiom; If Dogwoods arises then blooming, fish will be biting a bit. Although it is not quite simple, it is still a good guide: fish do not eat much when the water is cold. Their metabolism hit a brick wall.

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Hookin' ain't easy fishing tank top
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Hookin' ain't easy fishing v-neck

The original word after the idiom is the Hookin’ ain’t easy fishing shirt same; Water temperature problem, a lot. Can you still fish? Absolutely but sometimes you have to ask whether it is really fishing or just standing by a water body with an expensive stick in your hand if you don’t know where the fish is and can’t find them anywhere. Fishing, in it, is about learning what fish will do and where they are likely due to water temperature and other variables.

Hookin’ ain’t easy fishing shirt

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If you don’t know how water temperature affects fish behavior, then you really believe in Hookin’ ain’t easy fishing shirt getting lucky and finding fish by chance. If you go to a creek, throw a hook with a worm on it, and then just sit there, regardless of where the fish can be, you can still catch a fish tripping the hook. yours, but you rely on pure luck. You will catch more if you can go to the surface, dive in, and think for yourself.


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