Old Row Tiger King T-shirt

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Old Row Tiger King tank top, ladies tee

Old Row Tiger King ladies tee
ladies tee
Old Row Tiger King tank top
tank top

I agree with the Old Row Tiger King T-shirt other answers that give India the biggest chance of winning. It is not just the impression of animals, but the numbers. India has a strong 1.2 million army and comes back with a population of 1.3 billion. Plus, like some countries, India has more than one national animal. So, in addition to their tigers, they also went to the field battalions of King Cobras and the Indian Elephant. If it were just tigers, the United States could cause trouble for them, with the bald Eagle army and the American Bully. The flight was a big advantage, and the golden eagles chased away and killed the brown bears. Bald eagles are wiser than their golden cousins, but the same principles should apply.

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