Puck The Virus T-Shirt

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Puck The Virus longsleeved

Puck The Virus longsleeved

Trump did not handle many things well during this Puck The Virus T-Shirt outbreak, but this racial accusation was meaningless. The reason it is meaningless is that for months we have all watched and listened to when the officials and the press called it COVID-19 the Wuhan / China / China. It was never called racist. Then, as if by magic, someone decided it was. We all forgot how to google looked, yes, they all called it Wuhan / China because suddenly, Trump was a racist and literally the first and Only ever said that. Look, you want to blame Trump for fair things, be my guest. He ruined the original speech to try to calm people down. He may have done more to allow private testing agencies to get their exams faster than relying on CDC.

Puck The Virus sweater, hoodies

Puck The Virus hoodie
Puck The Virus sweater

But suddenly deciding that Trump did what others were doing was just racist towards him, and acted as if so many accusers were not guilty exactly the same as what they were judging him, as if all those examples back many months simply never happened, the kind of selective memory loss that made the Puck The Virus T-Shirt rest of us lose respect to anyone who cried in artificial indignation about this evil racist man. Pretend for months after people talk, silently pretending as that happened, only change your language when someone says it’s racist and then talk badly about everyone else being able to believe What is your idea? Or worse, to obey you?


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