Racoon beer fireworks just here to bang 4th of july

Love sincerely and you will be compensated with the most genuine affection. Love can make people happy and sad. But it is the spice that makes our lives more meaningful. Know how to respect the person you love to have the best life. Finding a lover is probably not too difficult, but finding the one who loves you most sincerely, can build happiness with you, a home in the future, it takes a lot of time to find out. Her love is so wonderful. It can make people happy, but it can also make people miserable. After all, if you know how to love in the right way, then happiness will be worth it. When we love, we all become selfish, just wanting that person to stay by our side forever. Because in love, there is no noble person who can share that feeling with anyone. When I think of you, all my worries disappear. As long as I have you, how much fatigue and storms of life I can overcome. Whether my love is right or wrong, as long as you don’t let go of my hand, I will still stand here with you. Love is a very sacred feeling, so let’s cherish each other while we can. Don’t wait until you lose it and regret it for the rest of your life. There is no reason to explain the meaning of love. Because all of it is a fate bestowed by God. Whether happiness can be kept or not depends on how each person accepts it. I can use this whole spring city to wait for you, even if we are in a long-distance relationship, as long as we always look towards each other is enough. I believe that in the future we will have a truly happy home. Among billions of people, but we still meet each other, love each other is due to fate. Then let’s keep this happiness alive with time. You are not my first love, but I dare say you are the first person I want to build a happy home with. Let’s hold hands until the end of this road. Love will have difficulties and challenges at times. We have to experience it to see the true power of beautiful love. Love is sharing and understanding from both sides. Only then will the two be happy. When people love people, they can trade a lot of things, even their youth. Before, I still thought that there was no such thing as sincere love in the world. Until I met you, I just wanted the two of us to be together until the end of our lives. As long as I can see your happy smile every day, even if I have to change many things, I still have peace of mind. Give your love to someone who is worthy, there is so much youth to waste. Words of love may be easy to say, but it takes a lifetime to prove happiness. The most priceless gift I can give that person is pure love.
Father is all that belongs to me. Father is the greatest figure in the world, nothing can replace or compare. The happiest thing in this world is that I have a father, mother, and family. The father is a mountain. Meaning mother is like water in the source flowing out. I’m not perfect, but I still love you in the most perfect way. You may not need love or any skill to have a child, but to be a father takes not only a lot of love but a lot of skill. Only when you grow up and walk away from your father – or leave him for your own family – only then will you understand his greatness and truly appreciate it. He didn’t tell me how to live, he lived and let me witness it. I can think of no need in childhood as strong as the desire for a father’s protection. Every parent will think that their child is good, always holding it in their arms for fear that letting go will make it stumble, their heart is always afraid that they can’t give them more good things. And since that day, I have realized that my father still loves me, even though his way of expressing his love is different. The moment a father discovers that his children are taller than him, or beyond him, is a magical moment in life. People can buy everything, except for my father and mother. I have always had faith in my parents. If they love, they will always protect and put us out of the “dangerous whirlpool”. That means sometimes we can’t really know what our parents went through and then treat them badly in a way we never had to. Parents may give the best advice or steer us in the right direction, but ultimately shaping each child’s character is within their grasp – Anne Frank. How many times have your parents talked about what you should and shouldn’t do? And then you realize that you haven’t done anything yet. Maintaining a harmonious family requires a lot from both parents and children. In a special way, each member of the family must become a “servant” of the rest. There are two unforgettable kisses in life, the first kiss given to a lover and the last kiss of a mother. Whenever I’m sad, I think of you, which makes me happy. Father is everything in my life.
I like a sunset. Because it’s the end, but it’s so beautiful. The sunset has not ended but the sun has risen. I’m not ready yet you came. Don’t be sad anymore, because sometimes the sunset misses the date with the horizon. Sunset ends the day. And I ended, this love has faded. You and the sunset are so similar. Beautiful but come and go too quickly. The sea is only beautiful when the sunset falls. Love is only beautiful when two people love each other. There are people who always like to watch the sunset because then the peace of mind is indescribable. So I fell out of love, as simple as the way the sunset turns off the sun chasing the afternoon. The glimmer of the setting sun. On the roof in the late afternoon. Poetry wanders between dreams. Putu forever in your heart. At sunset, there was still a piece of sky left in the sun. At sunset, my heart suddenly tightens waiting for someone’s heels all my life. People like a sunset. And I like to kiss you in the afternoon. Let sadness be as short-lived as the sunset to make life more colorful. There was a lost afternoon. Thin shoulders can’t carry the sunset. Crystals are fragile, sunsets are fleeting. That dawn where we rested our heads on each other’s shoulders. This time has become the sunset falling on the two heads.

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