Ranger Lives Matter shirt

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Those doctors and nurses have been working so hard risking their lives, all their hard work down the Ranger Lives Matter shirt in addition I really love this drain. If they get sick they should be shoved to the back of the line for using NHS. Never but what took place by a small minority at peaceful protests does not make it rioters at a riot.

Ranger Lives Matter shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt

Leading to comments such as those above which describe what happened as a riot by rioters, which was obviously not the Ranger Lives Matter shirt in addition I really love this case. Wait a couple of weeks it’s going to be though the roof thanks to the riotersSome implies a few so can we agree that it was 98% peaceful and 2% vandals but that’s the bit that makes the news. Kay Callaghan still 70 more and we’ve not got 70x more people or cities etc too many deaths in which some could have been avoided Its not really meaningful to multiply.

Ranger Lives Matter shirt

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