Storm Area 51 Aesthetic Shirt

Storm Area 51 Aesthetic Shirt

Now, that said, there are still opportunities among 200,000 people, 199,000 people registered as a joke, 1,000 people are really serious and maybe 10 or 20 of them will be really convincing enough to Storm Area 51 Aesthetic Shirt fly to Las Vegas, rent a car, and drive 150 miles to try to get close to Area 51. In such a case, those who will probably have lunch at Little A’Le’Inn and take photos themselves Shooting was in the desert, like many people looking for aliens in front of them.

Storm Area 51 Aesthetic tank top, ladies tee

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Perhaps someone will Livestream it and pronounce how they are here to ask the government to Storm Area 51 Aesthetic Shirt open Area 51 to the public. After that, they will come back and return home. The scenario is the least likely, but it can still happen that one or two, or even dozens of people will be really silly enough and determined to want to march on the base, although there are almost No one is there. If they really decide to try and storm on a walking basis, the odds are they will be exhausted after about a mile of walking through the scorching heat.

Storm Area 51 Aesthetic ladies tee
ladies tee
Storm Area 51 Aesthetic tank top
tank top

Perhaps someone would bring an off-road vehicle, and try to Storm Area 51 Aesthetic Shirt run the gates in it. In such an unfortunate case, they will detain. Detain (and not lightly) by guards and spend time in prison. How much time depends on how they react when the guards arrive. They arrest and charged with criminal infringement if they escape the tear gas, rubber bullets, ben bags, and real bullets. In my opinion, anyone who joins the mob is an idiot.

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Storm Area 51 Aesthetic hoodie
Storm Area 51 Aesthetic sweater

And anyone who tries it is a criminal. stage. Will you join a crowd to invade the Storm Area 51 Aesthetic Shirt Pentagon. The White House or a US military location with nuclear weapons. You are allowed to be there. Many Americans feel reasonable when shooting anyone who violates their home without permission. And the US military is entirely in its right to fire at those who encroach on the land they are protecting. Anyone who invaded Area 51 is a criminal in my book and deserves what they receive.

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