Three Bernie Sanders Moon shirt

Three Bernie Sanders Moon shirt

Sanders knows almost nothing about the Three Bernie Sanders Moon shirt US economic system. He never started, managed, worked for or owned any business. He did get the first real salary until he was 39 years old. It was a government check like every check he received later. His first wife left him after being sick and tired of living in a house with dirt floors for 11 years and 2 years.

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But Mr. Sanders believed that he, without any practical business knowledge, would come to rebuild the US economy to support his social agenda. What will happen, he will have to Three Bernie Sanders Moon shirt increase taxes to fund all the free Government Goodies, he is promising. That will push big corporations and organizations out of the country as Obama did.

Three Bernie Sanders Moon ladies tee
ladies tee
Three Bernie Sanders Moon tank top
tank top

That will cause unemployment to skyrocket, tax revenues from businesses will be lost as well as taxes that workers pay. He will be forced to close some of his promised benefits to Three Bernie Sanders Moon shirt make Americans lose faith in him and his ideas. As the economy continues to fail, even more, jobs will be lost, even if many Sander programs are closed.

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Three Bernie Sanders Moon sweater

Bernie Sanders is a good Bullshit Artist who describes most of his ideas. Smooth promises are made by a person who has no idea how the complex economic system works. God helps the Three Bernie Sanders Moon shirt United States if a miracle happens in 2020 and this Bozo is elected. Funny, I just read an article that Michael Moore thought no professional politician could defeat Donald Trump. Bernie Sanders is the definition of a professional politician. Is Michael confused?

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